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Art and Fashion – the reflection of the Creator’s soul

Fashion has always been associated with art and individuality. It expresses one’s personal choices and preferences regarding how an individual dresses and speaks a thousand words about his personality traits. The choice of fashion can depend on various factors. It can be social strata, faith or religion, environment, etc. Other than these external factors, fashion is also highly influenced by the individual’s beliefs, perceptions, and mentality.

Ever-evolving fashion trends

If we investigate the fashion trends over the past few decades, we can find interesting historical facts that have aided in evolving the fashion game. From time to time, fashion has been a form of expression for those living in that era. Their art, fashion, and lifestyle have been hugely influenced by that period’s socio-political and other key factors. The changing fashion choices also carry significant value, reflecting the changes in the catalyzing factors. These ever-evolving fashion trends serve as a dynamic mirror reflecting not only the cultural shifts but also technological advancements, as seen in the adoption of sustainable and tech-infused fabrics in contemporary fashion. Understanding the historical context behind fashion choices provides valuable insights into the complex interplay between societal influences and individual self-expression through clothing.

Fashion – then and now

One common characteristic that fashion enthusiasts and researchers have observed is the repeating trends in the fashion industry. It simply means that popular fashion trends make a comeback after a certain time with some exciting changes suiting modern needs. Another popular research topic is the unending demand and appreciation for precious artworks worldwide. Historically, famous artists, painters, and sculptors were invited to the King’s courts. They were rewarded with precious gems, jewels, and other worldly treasures in recognition of their skills. Innumerable pieces of invaluable artworks from this era are well-preserved and adorn the walls of museums these days.

The love for art is undying. However, apart from conventional methods, art and fashion have many modernized forms in this advanced technological world. Technology and digitalization have played a significant role in evolving the various art forms in modern times.

Let’s discuss how the integration between fashion and technology has benefitted modern artists.

Art marrying technology – a unison to vouch for

In this digital world, art is also commonly available in digital form. With advancements in science and technology, cyber crimes are on the rise. It threatens the artists who create, store, and sell valuable art pieces in the digital format. To fight these scams, many artists, fashion labels, and brands opt for more advanced technologies like blockchain to protect copyright, prevent counterfeiting, and conduct transparent sales. House of Fashion is a similar fashion label with possession of 10000 collectibles in the forms of physical and digital art. These artworks are protected through a technology that prevents duplicity and ill practices. Blockchain-based NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are digital contracts between the buyer and the seller that ensure authenticity and ownership of the asset. Fashion lovers can access these art pieces and trade freely without worrying about scams and losses.

More advantages of the integration

Besides the benefits mentioned above, blockchain has also gained popularity for multiple reasons. The technology certifies the ownership rights of the possessor. It also provides public data about the transacted artworks without disclosing the collectors’ identities. Moreover, every transaction is time-stamped and documented, so there’s no option for duplicity. It also offers a digital community for art lovers and creators. The transactions are hassle-free as no commissions will be made over bank transfers. Cryptocurrencies are the most innovative way to speed up and safeguard transactions. However, it is not as complex a process as it seems. The buyers and sellers need no prior knowledge of blockchain or cryptos to participate. Hence, this technology is undoubtedly a favorite among the artists of this era.