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Forewords on Art and Fashion

Art is the mirror of an artist’s inner soul. This way of expression represents the visualization of life’s journey through his eyes. If you are an art lover or a fashionista, you must know the value of a unique art piece. Only true art lovers have the expertise to distinguish genuine artwork from a replica. In today’s world, where duplication is common, which is no less than a crime, it is difficult to find the right sources to acquire genuine artwork. Forgery is widespread as these invaluable assets are sold unjustly in black markets and online. There’s a racket of people who make money by copying the art and reselling it multiple times. This is a money-making scam androbbing a deserving artist of his recognition and rewards.

Technology meets Art

There are strict laws against forgery and fringing copyright protecting artists’ rights. However, with the rapid expansion of the internet worldwide and continuous technological advancements, it is almost impossible to prevent this. AI and VR are the latest developments in the technology font. Many industries are utilizing the benefits, and several others face disadvantages. AI or Artificial Intelligence is a technology through which multiple tools can be developed to replicate a human’s mind. The tool can generate output like a human with a set of formulae and given input. This has created havoc in the art and fashion world. More and more people are taking help from readily available AI tools to generate a masterpiece in a limited time. Many artists and creators are facing backlash and losing their potential customers.

A Marketplace for true Art lovers

House of Fashion is an online store that showcases 10,000 artworks from the creator Lisa Camero. The store has a unique feature and is a pioneer in safeguarding artwork from scammers. This store gives NFTs or tokens to its customers in return for money. These tokens are phygital assets owned by the customers. The concept is based on Blockchain technology, where the underlying assets are accessible by only the NFT holder. This technology is popular for the security and transparency it provides. The holders can buy the NFTs through their crypto wallets or credit card. They can access the collectibles in physical or digital form and several other features the store offers.

Some of the additional features are listed below:

Discount codes: The NFT holders are eligible to get lifetime discounts at the House of Fashion store

Fashion shows: The holders get free or discounted passes to participate in all the fashion shows organized by the team

Airdropped NFTs: The NFTs are airdropped to the holders, which they can redeem to purchase physical or digital products from the store

Member Raffles: The store holds quarterly raffles for the members. The lucky winners can get exciting gifts from the store.

A Community for Artists to Collaborate

LCamero and her team are doing an excellent jobof linking the world of art with technology. She is trying to protect the creator and his creativity and reaping the benefits of technology, making these artworks readily available in any form to customers. She has created a community of artists, fashion designers, photographers, models, etc., who can collaborate for fashion shows and other objectives. The community members have excellent facilities as transport and accommodation are free for the fashion shows they participate in. Moreover, they get the opportunity to showcase their talent to the fashion world.